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E.M.G. Wixley

RT @TarianGreen1: Child genius, serial killer or something more sinister. 5* #horror #Da…

9 minutes ago


Read the reviews of "Death" or "Just" Parrish - now I'll add horrid my experience!! I can't believe it!

55 minutes ago

Coins & CW Bullets

Cherry Picking Coin Shops (#4) Search "Auctions ending soonest" on #ebay sometimes coins don't get any bids and you…

3 hours ago


@vidokti @nnboogie You find it the same way you otherwise would. Search. It has an override, e.g if you’re washing…

4 hours ago

Dr. Manhattan

@Jesus_is_G_d @rupejonner2 @TedPerkins10 @commonsensejan @PWM62 @DeanoMartino1 @homen2 @JargleBargle @MaryVMos1…

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