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Seung Min Kim

Wow -- Duckworth says she will block Senate approvals of **1,123** senior U.S. Armed Forces promotions until Esper…

22 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

Did you know: Seven elected Democrats have been charged or pled guilty to charges of corruption or fraud in the pa…

1 day ago

Donald J. Trump

The United States has been experiencing, believe it or not, Historically Low Crime Rates. The last thing we will b…

16 hours ago

John Lowe DipFD

@wafcdavid_ @DannyLannon Then show the rest of it so that we can tell for ourselves whether or not his comment that…

6 hours ago

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Palki Sharma

Hong Kong will pay $6.3 mn to British PR firm Consulum for image building & “relaunching” the city. The same compan…

1 day ago

Educated chokoraa, spricht deutsch

Revealed: Cousin of Kenya’s president has stake in SportPesa betting firm - Finance Uncovered

1 day ago


@TattooTone68 @BrexitBin @BrexitLalaland £216,000,000 ... Yes ! Two hundred and sixteen million pounds of TAX PAYER…

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RT @UmarDangani: Oh Allah! You are the listener of all requests and the last resort to all complaints, accept and answer our silent prayers…

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