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AM Joy w/Joy Reid

RANDY BRYCE AKA @IRONSTACHE: This is a people-powered campaign. [Paul Ryan] has neglected the district for over 2 y…

2 weeks ago

Khary Penebaker

Randy Bryce, a WI ironworker running against Paul Ryan in 2018, also known as THE @IronStache,’ tells @JoyReid tha…

2 weeks ago

Climate Reality

Did you know that a growing number of American cities are powered by 100 percent renewable energy? #ClimateHope

2 weeks ago

Pouya Kary ☂️

@ibdknox has this idea that Excel is the greatest programming environment of all times. Now I guess the google shee…

1 week ago


RT @MichiganStOnBTN: DYK? Harvard and Stanford recruited @cassiuswinston. The @MSU_Basketball PG is a bright one, on and off the hardwood.…

1 week ago