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favorite music genre? uhmm... synth pop funky eightish sounding, and in the darkish emo sound spectrum I'd say a 4…

4 weeks ago

Daniele Giacobello

New Wireless Noise-Canceling Tech Is Faster Than the Speed of Sound

4 weeks ago

Nancy H

RT @AmyMichelleSel2: I don't know what Country is using Satellites and Warfare Technology Silent Sound Spread Spectrum affecting Civilians…

4 weeks ago

Ibnu Ramlee

@PremalathaIndra @fmtoday Oh my, please read more about austism, you sound so shallow... They are not gonna do that…

4 weeks ago

Nick Myer

RT @OrtaineDevian: @AmyMichelleSel2 @Targetedbypolic @CourPenaleInt @amnestyusa @JudicialWatch @GarethPorter @EccEveryday @Stop007org @hadi…

4 weeks ago

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music is space between noise

1 month ago

Donald Trump Jr.

What’s unprecedented is the media not wanting to know what actually led to the investigation. Amazing. What happene…

4 weeks ago


I mean, I could be lonely but I have music videos and photo albums to look at so that’s cool

4 weeks ago


RT @JLew1050: Update: As a result of some scheduling conflicts, the Raptors haven’t been able to lock down a date for the Kawhi Leonard/Dan…

4 weeks ago