Games Like Myst tweets

Adam Dugger

Guys, just a reminder, if you liked Myst, still has several of the games on sale for like the next 50 min or so.

6 years ago

Farah Ahmed

@willperrin just like those old computer games heh? Myst or The 7th Guest to mind...

6 years ago

Dave Hoffman

Also reminds me how much I wanted to make games like Myst as a kid. Digital worlds for people to explore. And now I could actually do that!

6 years ago

Chris Oatley

What are some good iPad games? I like point + click style (old Lucasarts). Loved Myst & everything Mario/ Zelda. I like Angry Birds too.

6 years ago

Scott Ellison II

@AbdulBCRT @EdAcosta I think it comes down to the fact I don't like adventure games. The only ones I ever liked was the Myst series.

6 years ago

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