Geek Chic tweets

Emily Blunden

Dunno who the young'un is presenting #HIGNFY, but he's really rather cute in a geek chic sort of a way.

7 years ago

Taryn Multack

Geek chic (@ Warby Parker w/ 4 others)

7 years ago

Olivia Smart

@helenajanecoan Aww he is the cutest little boy! And rocking the geek chic with those glasses! Bless him. xx

7 years ago


mens geek chic @polyvore

7 years ago

Rebecca Douse

RT @CharlotteCrudge: @rebeccadousey geek chic

7 years ago


@rebeccadousey geek chic

7 years ago

courtenay ✌

Geek tops ain't chic tops.

7 years ago

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