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@StamyTheZombie 2GB?? I have 8GB DDR3 wait, did the HWinfo found 2GB?

22 hours ago

NavJack27 @ Sampling for Revenue

@ghost_motley @Berfs_1 @Thracks oh crap, i'll have to check to see if i have any hwinfo logs from both the 3950x i…

1 day ago

Andriy Karpenko

@donetsk_ukrop Існують же таблиці сумісності. Навіть не розбираючи можна було подивитися, яка оперативка. І прога халявна існує: HWiNFO.

1 day ago

Enrique Reyes

RT @nixcraft: Want to display information about installed hardware on Linux? Try the following instead of going thru /proc/ lsdev hwinfo -…

2 days ago


@Jpex_CS check temps on hwinfo

2 days ago

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