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I'm known as a Detroit hot spot, But if you ask around, maybe not. "Don't get in the water!" they cried, But with T…

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grumple tiltskin

@GenoVeno73 He was president and you are a nobody that can’t get him out of your head. He’s sitting in the spot whe…

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Tech El Campeón 🇩🇴 ♐️

@youngrambles Is how others base our worth specially women, and with money we make different things happen as men.…

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Knicks Memes

Braves absolutely own the Mets and have basically owned them for 25 years. It's not even a real rivalry Mets could…

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RT @ThatBaldGamer: Making big strides and big moves. Still need one more day to get things squared away. Streams further delayed until Sat…

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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Birilerinin elleriyle kalp yapmayı öğrenmesi 40 gün sürdü… Peki biz o sırada neler yaptık? Şöyle bir izleyelim…

1 month ago

The Tonight Show

Imposter Challenge w/ @BTS_twt’s #SUGA: Scorpion Hot Sauce wings or normal wings? #SUGAonFallon

1 month ago

BTS Charts & Translations

Agust D's "Haegeum" debuts at #58 on Billboard Hot 100!

1 month ago


RT @the_popbase: Billboard 200 : #2 D-DAY Hot 100 : #58 Haegeum Billboard Digital Song Sales : #1 Haegeum Artist 100 : #AGUSTD #3 (N…

1 month ago

Hiren Patel

RT @Payalrathod1552: લુંટ મચાવી છે સ્ટેડિયમમાં જાવ એટલે એક ગ્લાસ પાણીમાં પણ 40/50 રૂપિયા ને કઈ વાત વગર આવા બર્ગરનાં પણ 150 રૂપિયા આપવાના!…

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