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Bleacher Report

Most. Decorated. Ever. After winning gold on the balance beam today, Simone Biles is the most decorated gymnast (m…

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Elizabeth Warren

You’re making my point here. It’s up to you whether you take money to promote lies. You can be in the disinformatio…

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\さっき撮影した家族写真はコチラッ/ なかよしファミリ〜- 〜!! 「おげんさんといっしょ」第3弾 0:00までまだま- だ放送中です!! #おげんさん をつけて感想を呟いてね〜! 見に行っちゃうよ〜 ( C・>…

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RT @RealBobbyDino: What’s up with the War Room? It’s where you hold yourself accountable. To yourself, and others. There’s no coasting.…

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Devilish DennisSinneD

RT @ADHD_Alien: The incorrect and negative beliefs we can get from years of negative feedback not knowing we have ADHD or how it affects ou…

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