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Wayne Rooney

To celebrate my final @England game I’m giving away this signed match shirt. Just RT to have a chance of winning!…

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Rep. Joe Kennedy III

No survivor should be cross-examined by his or her accused rapist. Ever. Full stop.

9 hours ago

Maddow Blog

Nothing against or for Schumer, or against or for Pelosi, but how does the math work that Pelosi is the one whose l…

1 day ago

Regina 🐨 (Soon-to-be)Nguyen

RT @srrezaie: tPA in Acute Ischemic Stroke...Should You Give it or More Importantly Would you Want it? via @Sofayanjozy @Undiagnosable1 #Be…

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RT @Taelentaed: I've noticed the number of Taehyung thirst tweets has increased considerably lately, like A LOT what happened? did y'all f…

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