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Frankie Lopez Zamudio

@HyapatiaLee Oxytocin is produced in the Hypothalamus ...... But it is produced naturally when giving birth .....

11 hours ago


@IngriPauline Met an Iron Woman athlete in 2012. She said giving birth naturally to her twins was harder than sum 2…

14 hours ago

Taylor Schaefer 🐧

..put your hair in a braid because your hair can get madded if you don't while giving birth. I've also never heard…

14 hours ago

Luna 🌙

RT @minscalico: Naturally, a cow can live up to 25-30 years if well cared for. Dairy cows usually die at the age of 6: When their bodies ca…

14 hours ago

The Rosicrucian Mason

@MariannaFortune What are you talking about? My parents, and parents of my parents were already naturally born in t…

14 hours ago

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