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EmBetts Amell.

Emily, nothing I can do can express how proud I am of you, for giving birth to our baby all naturally, no pain reli…

4 hours ago


i don’t trust anyone who dances good, if you don’t dance like a gorilla giving birth with me then we can’t be frien…

9 hours ago

ƆC. 🌸

Omg giving birth naturally is really a gift like, wow.

19 hours ago

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Tessa Thompson

This Woman’s Werk . #VuduViewingParty

4 weeks ago

Tomi Lahren

Thought the Left was all about empowerment. There’s nothing more empowering than the ability to protect and defend…

4 weeks ago

CBS News

"CBS News has learned five and a half weeks before [Parkland] shooting, a woman called an FBI tip line, concerned N…

4 weeks ago

RT @xforcades: stop chasing people. if they block u, cut u off, ignore u.. let them go. let those who naturally gravitate toward u enjoy ur…

3 weeks ago