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Al texto predictivo de Gmail se le acaba la paciencia y ya solo sugiere insultos y amenazas de muerte…

1 day ago

Harsh Mariwala

When #SundarPichai was asked at his job interview what he thought of the newly launched Gmail, he admitted that he…

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Two billion? That's a lot less characters to type 😌. Save time and write faster using Smart Compose in #gmail →…

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RT @YG_iKONSCHEDULE: #iKONSCHEDULE for December 2019 🗓 ↠ View 🗓: ↠ Instagram : 🔜Upc- oming…

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IT TAKES 2 SECONDS TO SHARE! Police are continuing their search for missing 13-year-old Lemlem Earley who was last…

3 weeks ago

Najma Sharif

I can’t believe people go to work everyday and get exploited, come home tired, and then log on social media to defend billionaires.

3 weeks ago

ellie schnitt

“I am so excited to go home and watch hannah montana” -me in 2007 and also me today

3 weeks ago


RT @UEAthletics_MBB: “Need this at EVERY home game.” - @SamCunliffe_3 Thank you students for the warm welcome back to UE! #ForTheAces h…

3 weeks ago

Julie H Wright✝️

RT @seanmdav: And for maximum dramatic effect, for that perfect made-for-TV moment, we might even learn that Marie Yovanovitch had to add a…

3 weeks ago