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Isprava is India's leading luxury holiday home developer and we only plan to grow bigger and stronger! We already h…

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Brian Klaas

The President of the United States dictated a letter trying to cover-up a meeting that his son, son-in-law, and cam…

1 month ago

Iron Spike

Worth remembering the *jaw-dropping bravery* of those staging queer pride events around the world in countries open…

1 month ago

Donald J. Trump

Jesse Watters “The only thing Trump obstructed was Hillary getting to the White House.” So true!

1 month ago


RT @jitupatwari: बलात्कार की घटनाओं पर गोवा भाजपा की नेता ने कहा “सरकार सबको सुरक्षा नहीं दे सकती”..। —गाय और बछड़े को सुरक्षा देने का ढोंग…

1 month ago


RT @lukerosiak: !!! Wasserman Schultz told the House's Chief Administrative Officer she intervened in a Pakistani matter to help Imran Awan…

1 month ago