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Ben Shapiro

The funniest moment will be when the media fapping ends and the slow realization dawns on them that they just lost…

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Mark Ruffalo

He is finally gone. The nightmare has come to its fitful end. A bunch of trump elite criminals pardoned in the shro…

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Eric Feigl-Ding

NEW GOLDEN RULE—“One of the new things in this administration is that if you don’t know the answer, don’t guess. Ju…

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Mikey | Spending on Raphael Banner

@golden_dagger_ Betraying you, sorry king

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[本日のおすすめ] サザエ造り 580円 今日も元気に- 営業中🤗 お待ちしてますっ‼️ #昭和ゴールデン #梅田グルメ #駅ビル#東梅田#サザエ#造り#サザエ造り#昼飲み

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