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Sebastian Gorka DrG

Looks like the @DNC learnt absolutely nothing from their dumpster 🔥 of dirty tricks against Justice Kavanaugh.…

9 hours ago

Bill Mitchell

This is a good point. Independents hate political thuggery, gamesmanship and dirty tricks. This is basically ALL…

5 days ago

Canon USA Imaging

Get scary good photos using our 5 tricks for hair-raising #Halloween night photos.

11 hours ago


RT @Redbaron9495: @Zion_Street2 @Lover0fFreedom @aslk888 @TravelByTaxi @TommyOK99 @ShamronAri @DohanyJulian @amirshah316 @TheRealYoG @Safi2…

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Dan Bongino

The liberal coin of the realm is state power. They crave control over your money, your healthcare, your education,…

1 day ago

Bill Mitchell

Arrest #Soros for seditious conspiracy. Seize his assets. Cut off 90% of funding to the corrupt DNC. Promise you,…

21 hours ago

Peck Palit

#เป๊กผลิตโชค ตบแบบไหนก็เป๊ะ....ตบด้วย Cathy Doll Magic Dolly Face -ตบแล้วกันแดด Sun Protection -ตบแล้วเนียน Smooth…

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RT @LeagueofKappas: How to LEE SIN 👌🏻 Tag someone who needs to learn 😁

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