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Kathy Lueders

Space-Associated Neuro-Ocular Syndrome affects the vision of ~70% of @Space_Station crew. A recent study found that…

1 month ago

Abdullah Khan

@Frattgirl I did develop POTS, blurry vision, sleep disturbance besides those other symptoms post-covid, but neuro…

1 month ago

BrainSights iOS App

No Light Perception Vision in Neuro-Ophthalmology Practice - Jneuro - Opthalmology via BrainSights for iOS

1 month ago


@MYERSFEAR Wow I am so sorry for the other comment you got. I wish you luck, I had rapid vision loss/ disturbances…

1 month ago


@Lilia12Boubou Merci... séquelles neuro, pneumo, articulaire. Déjà avant ma santé était branlante alors maintenant.…

1 month ago

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