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UwU the cause of my euphoria

@ItsShanghaid im similar to you PLUS i get the joy of already have +3.00 reading glasses which ALSO have a prism be…

1 hour ago

Reanna Xaveria

@JoeBiden Please put me in touch with neuro scientists. I have a vision to make gliobastoma tumors operable.

4 hours ago


@chrismc30093620 In 2015,I had a stroke then I was diagnosed with dementia,it doesn't affect my memory,just my visi…

7 hours ago

Cadet T’Grem 👽

“Hmmm blurry or swimming vision, arm tingling, chest pressure, headache...yeah that’s anxiety, go home” And then t…

1 day ago


@sweetestsin201 @GovMurphy ...said in my records that he did a full neuro test in my records when he did no such th…

1 day ago

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