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@saraaltier Excellent result. Today I had my 6 months post-op with neuro-opthamilogy: my vision has improved in the past 3 months.

14 hours ago

What in Tarnation

@elle_v__ I understand the vision problems. Do you ever have grey or black blobs in your field of vision? My daught…

19 hours ago

Deepak Sharma

RT @ruthi_landau: Thank you @BJAJournals for your vision & this unique opportunity 🌟 @womenMDinanesth

23 hours ago

Deepak Sharma

@SNACCNeuro #newsletter routinely published with translations in #Chinese #Spanish #Portuguese. Thanks Dr. Ruquan H…

1 day ago

Inti Carrizo-Ortiz

@neuro_p_salinas Fan absoluto de Ewan, lejos lo mejor de las precuelas. Y el tipo ama ser Obi-Wan, hasta grabó unas…

1 day ago

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