Grand Old Team tweets

Nikola Tesla

One of the team leaders brought her 9 week old pug puppy in :3 (ping @grand_dalliance)

5 years ago

Vincent Margiotta

@jaypickup7 @kikomargiotta All for goals & glory!! It's a grand old team!!!

5 years ago

Kristen Busby

Half of my old softball team either has a kid or is pregnant. I see a bunch of parents raising grand children

5 years ago

Grace Elizabeth

@grandoldteam You can't buy passion and we've got it in abundance!! It's a grand old team to play for its a grand old team to support!!!!!

5 years ago

Adam Hunt

It's a grand old team

5 years ago

The Real Beaky

@Hayden_Jillions It's a grand old team to play for! Went to my first match when I was 9. We beat Chelsea 3-1. Many years ago. Best day ever

5 years ago


@x_hannahpowell @olivia_barnesx I want a football team, I want be be old and have loads of grand kids haha

5 years ago

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