Guess Tunes tweets


RT @thedannyworsnop: Jamming on guitar and keep playing a bunch of grunge tunes. My inner Kurt Cobain is just scratching to get out I guess.

7 years ago


Welp guess I will turn my tunes on and do some work...

7 years ago

carly johnson

To you i guess im just a clown who picks u up each time ur down #top3at3 #tunes

7 years ago


Ok, i tunes .. nice update, i guess, and just as i was getting used to it.

7 years ago


wow. i finished getting ready early. guess i'll watch Looney tunes

7 years ago

Melvin III

But i guess not

7 years ago

Victoria Clinkscales

Got some headphones, listening to some tunes lol Guess i should go to bed now.. Night

7 years ago

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