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Mimosa's Mandatory

@VictoriaRaechel Question.... The containment you reference on Amazon USA is made of grids with CONNECTORS. I have…

20 hours ago


my baby Moo having a look at what dad was doing (cleaning guinea pig cages out) he got very brave and sat by me for…

1 day ago

Jack Butcher

3. Product Finally - say you’ve built the biggest audience of guinea pig owners in the USA, you then launch a pro…

2 days ago


If you're going to get a pet please do research on them. I see so many people getting only ONE rat, or ONE ferret,…

3 days ago

emilyo 🌲✊🏻

Every time I see some rando get a pet bunny I have to bite my tongue and not mansplain to them about how guinea pig…

4 days ago

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