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Kayla 💖💫

[2019 Goals] -learn to play guitar -work on my mental health -get better at makeup -go outside my comfort zone -go…

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Leon (StringGaige)

I got a bass guitar in a couple Wednesdays ago, here's my shot at Mystic Cave Zone from Sonic 2 (shout out to…

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@jihoondungi Had a really strong urge to call you Soft Tofu but then I realized you might beat me up with a guitar…

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After never be the same I always bolt backstage before the next song and I tripped over a guitar wire and FELL ON M…

1 month ago

Narendra Modi

Dear professionals associated with the IT sector, technocrats and tech-lovers, I have a request... Have a look at…

1 month ago

ridwan kamil

MENJADI PEMBICARA KEHORMATAN di Forum BRICS di Kota Ufa, Russia. Krn Indonesia saat ini belum member BRICS. Menceri…

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Joe と Perry


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Ehaaraai Mihaaru

Its not abt what political party u support be more attentive and have the courage to talk to others and find soluti…

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