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Angus B MacNeil MP

"No Deal" means UK has increased trade barriers with how many countries? UK Gov had no idea when I asked Thur in Commons. Ans between 27&193

1 week ago

U.S. Army

"We have to get away from this idea of domain ownership and focus on domain usership," says Gen. Perkins of @TRADOC…

1 week ago

Erik Larson

Standard Trump behavior. Gov. Brown attacked him; this is his idea of payback. Trump is a child. But Calif is a ver…

1 week ago

Kristi Resists

@HalpernAlex @jbendery Can u imagine trying to institute the idea of public libraries now, if they didn't existed?…

8 minutes ago

ዳዊት Afeworki

@AfricaInst @EritreaStruggle nationalizing mines?! What gave you that idea? #Eritrea owns a share of the mines but…

9 minutes ago

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