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Charlie Kirk

If Trump was a Democrat, Melania would be on the front page of every fashion magazine and held up as an ideal role model for young women.

3 weeks ago

AM Joy w/Joy Reid

.@StaceyAbrams: We're now a purple state. That margin was so small as to be in terms of 2020 and the next elections…

4 weeks ago


Imagine if you couldn’t watch the videos you love. We support copyright reform with an Article 13 that works for ev…

4 weeks ago


@radliberal @eagleguy3 @Lucytou2 Thanks! Please just spread & check out what I’m doing (it sux for me) but being a…

3 weeks ago

Jim Yackel

RT @eevalancaster: "Incredible book! The plot keeps you engrossed from start to finish, until the last line of the last page."…

3 weeks ago