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Long hairstyles with cut bangs.

11 years ago

Karen Minta

Why do some people pay for hairstyles that don't suit them??

11 years ago

ॐ. Jessicaa

RT @zodaho3: I wish all clothes and hairstyles suited me

11 years ago

gems ♥

RT @_tiffanyhwang: Well now we know that SNSD's coming back, and that they'll probably have new hairstyles.

11 years ago

PinkySℳ. (L: ɞ

My baby. #Pomeranian #new #hairstyles #cutie

11 years ago


Prom hairstyles for medium length hair.

11 years ago

Khalid Mohamed

RT @AhmedDirie: The one thing that always stands out in London is the awkward hairstyles some folks have. We need them in Ottawa.

11 years ago

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