Hamburg Airport tweets

Ed Baker

Flight delayed. On the plus side watching the de-snow and de-ice procedures for Hamburg airport is quite interesting. So organised.

7 years ago

Рахим Чахкиев

I'm at Hamburg Airport (HAM) (Hamburg) w/ 6 others

7 years ago

Taner Kizilok

LH028 to Hamburg (@ Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) w/ 10 others)

7 years ago


It is snowing with gusto at Hamburg airport. Plane due to depart 20 mins ago but not yet boarding. Fingers crossed.

7 years ago


I'm at Hamburg Airport (HAM) (Hamburg)

7 years ago

tom pell

Waiting for Plane back at Hamburg airport! Kids love a sport shop! Footballs being bought left right and Centre! 3v3 tourni in Terminal #tek

7 years ago


I'm at Hamburg Airport (HAM) (Hamburg) w/ 7 others

7 years ago

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