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Charlie Kirk

Annual cost of illegal immigration by state: CA.. $21.8 Billion NY.. $9.5 Billion TX.. $8.9 Billion FL.. $5.5 B…

19 hours ago

Rafa Nadal

Couldn't be happier traveling back home now with this trophy in my hands... Took this picture at the locker room fo…

23 hours ago

Charlie Kirk

Art of the deal: Trump just negotiated a $380 BILLION dollar reduction in our trade deficit with China Largest…

42 minutes ago


@CBSNews Do not repeat his name or show is pictures. I repeat, do not repeat his name or show his picture. Do not m…

just now


RT @noshaidah: I thought this stadium would bring actual jobs. 10,000 volunteers is a lot of people doing free work at a billion dollar sta…

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