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Penny Midas Rollo

@Steamtrainset Gosh - that sounds dreadful :/ Have previously avoided #Windows10 because needed MSE (Excel 2003) fo…

3 weeks ago

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Adam Schiff

The images from PolyU in Hong Kong are deeply concerning. The world will not stand idly by as HK’s One Country, Two…

3 weeks ago


This is Pixel. She was photographed before and after being told she’s the best girl in the whole wide world. 13/10…

3 weeks ago

Kevin Sorbo

Russia President Khrushchev in 1959: "Your children's children will live under communism, You American's are so gu…

2 weeks ago

ք ǟ ȶ ȶ օ ռ (ɖǟʀӄ ɛʋɛռȶ)

@ShawnR_Sanders *Patton grinned and smiled at the baby girl, his Dark attributes seeming to fade back into Light. W…

2 weeks ago


RT @kubayi_sunday: @giyaniview @GiyaniSABC2 SABC must make a plan...we have a drama on SABC 1 called Izalo. I'm sorry to say this but I thi…

2 weeks ago