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Michael Avenatti

When you lose your keys, you panic. When you lose your purse/wallet, you panic. Now imagine having your child forci…

4 hours ago

Ted Lieu

Dear @SpeakerRyan: You told the American people you didn't know about the scandals of @EPAScottPruitt. So either yo…

1 day ago

Sharika Soal 🇺🇸

I am a black woman and I admit the KKK and Nazi demonstration totally turned me off to what the #MAGA MOVEMENT stoo…

1 day ago

BIG Hunt

So I like something/ posted pro republicans on Facebook an im now ban from liking or sharing republican type inform…

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Karen Hoyles #FBPE #rEUnion

@_paullay @PascalLTH @FrankPercival @Scientists4EU Many more who didn’t, or couldn’t march yesterday. And many pro…

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