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Taunt, Reggy, Sparx

Hau hau hauuuunt. I like this Clarence guy. He and I could get along reaal well...


10 years ago

Sunelle Daniels

Hau hamba! What does that mean? RT @Nc_Taee_Baybee: @Sunelle_Cookie ¡Estás loco! Lol


10 years ago

Ada Tran

Ngọc Trinh đăng quang Hoa hậu quốc tế VN.Cuốii cùng e cũng chiến thắng: LinkHay.com - Ngọc Trinh đăng quang Hoa ... http://t.co/lmsLLTe


10 years ago

Daryl Fujiwara

Lovely beach action! Wrked off a little breakfast! N now taking a stroll up north to get back to Waianae... Aloha Hau'ula n Kahuku!


10 years ago

lindsay o 

@TheBeautieQueen thnx o nuthin hau?


10 years ago

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