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I'm A #Steelers Fan I Can't Help It #TerribleTime

11 years ago

gandhi mate, gandhi

because some of us 'skinny girls' can't help it. Just because they're not curvy doesn't make them 'disgusting', everyone's beautiful so-

11 years ago


@harryfeelsuno do u want to help me kill her

11 years ago

Jordy Salyer

Listen to the news and you realize folks voted for 4 more of the same. God help us! #tcot

11 years ago

David James McAuley

RT @JohnGlenMP: Support @Trusselltrust @Tescomedia to help #Foodbanks feed people in need #everycanhelps

11 years ago

Jay Giannone

RT @BenBarnesFrFans: @gianesini Hey :). Could you follow, @jay_giannone ? He has a goal for this weekend : 1000 followers ! Please, help him

11 years ago


@ighk okay!help me chop the seat beside you for 8hours

11 years ago

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