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Bill Mitchell

Dear women in sports. Democrats are voting to allow biological males who "identify as women" to compete in YOUR at…

1 day ago


Últimamente sólo leo cosas malas. De cada evento, de cada mc, jurado,comentarista,streaming, de cada rima, de cada…

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Vala Afshar

Distance yourself from people who: 1 speak poorly about others 2 have problems for every solution 3 enjoy complain…

18 hours ago


RT @spidey_shade: 이번에 저희 RZ HEROES 가 메이크 어 위시 재단에 기부팁 이벤트로 모은 100만원을 기부하고 왔습니다!! 기부팁 이벤트 오셔서 도와주신분들 정말 너무나도 감사드립니다!!😭😭 c0…

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れい/レシア 趣味用

CP3200を消化しなかったため10万位割り やっぱりガル- パ走る気にはなれなさそう

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Men and the government should NOT be allowed to make personal decisions for women. Especially ones used to restrict…

4 days ago

Bernie Sanders

Abortion is health care. When we pass Medicare for All, we will be guaranteeing a woman’s right to control her own…

4 days ago

Dani Fernandez

They’re not actually pro life. We all know that. When a black pregnant mom is shot by cops, they arent bothered. Wh…

4 days ago

Jodie Rector

@USABlanket Yard sale! @angelasbnb @NicolesChoice1 @VW_Bev

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