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Stephanie Ruhle

Well that is absolutely NOT true @realDonaldTrump But I am hoping you can help me understand Since “loco” Jay Powe…

3 hours ago

Quincy Larson

This morning I was on GitHub and I instinctively typed g->i (which is the keyboard shortcut I use to go to my inbox…

1 day ago

R. Eric Thomas

If I was a celebrity, I think my favorite part would be picking random activities to do with writers working on pro…

3 hours ago

Hannah & Hope

I’m tired of all this “Take this time to find Self love” I have self love. I love my self tremendously. I however d…

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Nicky Cartel

RT @Graize3: Let me help you gain quick +300 Nigerian followers 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬 Retweet, Follow all Retweet, Follow back when followed, Let's go g…

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