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Aaron - calendar's wrong - I'm not 50 this year!

@MizDanaClaire IRC on the wtnet watertower channel - Animaniacs fans who roleplayed and are still friends (and for…

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Eduardo Bolsonaro🇧🇷

LULA CONFESSA! Entendem agora o porquê do PT querer regular a mídia e a internet? Por que blogs sujos trabalham pa…

1 day ago

Kendra "Gloom is My Beat" Pierre-Louis

This is why you're broke. It's also why small businesses in NYC are disappearing. People blame the internet which…

22 hours ago

Andrés Manuel

El último día de la gira de trabajo en Oaxaca, aunque con retraso porque no hay Internet, pero ya habrá. Ahí les va…

18 hours ago


@LibyanIntegrity @trtworld Ahmed, watched you on @trtworld , you need to get a better cam & i am not sure if it was…

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@terra_arcadiaII @JorgDittus @kohlenwolf @einwaldgaenger Ne komm. Da macht der Heiland einmal Spaß und schon läuft…

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