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Well done! You did it. 2x25min of uninterrupted writing/coding to finish off your week on a high! If you've enjoy…

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@Nydragon00 @AndrewGreen598 @Holimeth @moobeat Good take on that. But we also don’t know if the cost of change the…

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Miss. A. B. 

@sonicdrivein @DonorsChoose I loved my English class! I love reading 📖 and all of our literature activities in High…

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@mydoghasagun @Reboticant @ex_Tesla Bill Gates had is 10,000 hours in coding by, what, 25? Bet you a signed dollar…

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Michael Spagat

@ProfPaulPoast @mchorowitz @jaylyall_red5 Hi. On measurement error, I think it would be useful to direct your stud…

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