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Andriy Plokhotnyuk

@erraggy @dgryski @davecheney Yep, the lexer is not needed, because the first non-whitespace character is a token:

3 days ago

John Batchelor

Tonight: #TheScalaReport: A second wave of layoffs as Big Retail reimagines itself during and after the virus.…

5 days ago

Shadaj Laddad

@s1ddok The chained API is actually inspired by work I did on developing a high-level API for robot automation (for…

6 days ago

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Malcolm Nance

This is NOT a bad idea. It’s just a formality. He will get Secret Service protection & full Presidential level Inte…

4 days ago

Laura Ingraham

President Trump should strongly advocate that all school children be returning full-time to school next year with a…

4 days ago

Joe Biden

51 years ago today, a movement was born on Christopher Street. As we remember the anniversary of the Stonewall Upri…

3 days ago


RT @Emaan6550: #PMIK_RayOfHope These trolls have their own personal agendas or in case of Big Fool even paid for by the PML media cell. The…

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RT @appasart: Biggs Full Image sets will be available for July patreon rewards!

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