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Gov. Mike Huckabee

Dems on a roll for 2018-"Elect us! We will raise your taxes, open borders w/o question, give illegals free healthca…

1 day ago

Rep. Eric Swalwell

Turns out it’s Googleable: Intel Community Conclusion: Bipa- rtisan Senate Conclusion:…

2 days ago

Khalid bin Salman خالد بن سلمان

Grateful to US for taking this step. To date, over 140 ballistic missiles were fired at civilian targets in KSA. Ir…

1 day ago


RT @Ian56789: So why doesn't Yulia Skripal want to talk to her cousin Viktoria & talk about everything that happened to her for hours after…

18 hours ago

pig iron man

@SwannyQLD @PeterPyke Wayne, why weren't these loopholes closed when Labor was in gov't (2007-13)?

18 hours ago

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