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Stephanie Santostasi

It’s the best day of the year - #NationalPuppyDay!! Here’s our sweet Walker who still hasn’t learned the art of cat…

1 day ago

Dr. Udit Raj, MP

Addressed the Dharana of Delhi teachers at University. They are demanding the role back of recent circulour issued…

13 hours ago

StarStudio Magazine

“Others would think I had the easiest, smoothest-sailing childhood but they don’t know that as a child...,” What k…

1 day ago


@XKarifura —¿Pues que esperas? Demuéstrame lo que sabes hacer no vine desde lejos a ver cómo guerreros caerán desde…

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RT @IndSciComm: Laudable efforts by @ugc_india to tackle the menace of dubious journals. Proper peer review is an important part of the…

3 minutes ago

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