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Brett Terpstra is socially distant

Name 3 things, one lie. I'll start. 1. Hobby farms. 2. Piñatas. 3. Bollocks.

12 hours ago

Culpability Jones

@JenandZen They're right about the USDA. There'd be more small farms if it weren't for all the regulations on lives…

16 hours ago


@Jenni4Trump @gregolear @DevinNunes Mom, girlfriend, constitutionalist conservative, lemming. The biolines have bee…

19 hours ago

Hobby Farms

There's never been a better time to learn how to grow your own food, and we're here to help. Pick up a one-year sub…

20 hours ago


@MossValley to throw one in to get a response , I would say good animal welfare is better on bigger units than on most hobby farms

21 hours ago

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