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The Duke Formerly of Kent

@JuliaLepetit Managed to use a few years of aggressive saving to finally upgrade my video editing setup for the 1st…

1 month ago

David Neto

No, I don't code personal projects in my off hours. I leave it all my coding energy "on the field" at work. Coding…

1 month ago

Mike Rogge

Ross Reid is new to the Verb Cabin family this year. He’s filmed three projects with us. Ross has a really cool hob…

1 month ago

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Keaton Patti

The book Shrek is based on is...different.

1 month ago

Paul Krugman

Don't bothsides this pandemic. America's epic, lethal fail was driven by the fecklessness of an anti-science party…

1 month ago


RT @clarbett: Recordemos todos unidos por favor uno de los mejores vídeos de toda la historia de YouTube

1 month ago