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Shazril ☠

@Jae_Hui well that's lame. Just like Howard Stark? It's okay. I've got schematics for all the tech I'm going to make already

7 years ago


Old Penn reel schematics site: -

7 years ago

Ryan Monk

@sarwarnerr @laurennnig @wann_and_only the schematics

7 years ago

Darren Bracey

Updated: Another schematic for a Giant Robot from PACIFIC RIM added. Five in total now.

7 years ago

Lia Shepard

@LieutenantJVega 85 feet, I studied the schematics. I lost the man I loved on the Collector home world and I needed to make sure I wasn't

7 years ago

USA Internships

#Intern #electrical Tempe Summer Intern- IC Schematics: Tempe, AZ - Qualifications Solid bac... #Arizona #engineer

7 years ago

Keef Cobain

@PasheCouture just need a simple woman who carries herself well. We can work out the other schematics together.

7 years ago

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