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Manisha Pande

Pooja Bedi's tweets are testament to this terrible social media-induced habit of being profound while on a holiday.…

2 days ago

Richard Barrow 🇹🇭🇬🇧

Today is still a public holiday for #Songkran. The prime minister is not due to meet until tomorrow to discuss meas…

4 days ago

East Korea Official

Reminder that this happened. Although it really shouldn’t have. It’s easily the worst piece of Star Wars media, may…

3 minutes ago

Pot Marigold

@__catpower Having a cry, got my visual diary out and drawing it. Have a police investigation into SA going on in t…

26 minutes ago

ice celebrating PERAYA ANNIVERSARY ♥️

RT @irem02021: I think Krist likes taking break from social media when he has long holiday from work now🥺 He did the same around new year h…

27 minutes ago

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