Latest tweets that mention

Latest tweets that mention “Ubersite - Because The Future Is Uber”

John O. Brennan

Our Nation is at an historic crossroads—whether we will be a divided, racist, & bigoted society as espoused by…

1 month ago

Ilhan Omar

Donald Trump is lashing out at me, @AOC, @RashidaTlaib, & @AyannaPressley because he wants to divide our country. W…

1 month ago

Laurence Tribe

Who’d be surprised if it turns out Stone and Manafort held the keys to the Trump-Assange-WikiLeaks-Putin conspiracy…

1 month ago

Jay Youngdahl

RT @veenadubal: Ladies and Gentlemen, our democracy: Uber drivers paid to rally against their own interests-- "[Uber]Drivers who attended…

1 month ago