Holidays Australia tweets

Mandy Perkins

Just saw @GenGen_LaCaze off as she heads back to Australia for the holidays. Always sad saying bye to a member of your family. I love you!

6 years ago


Im nocturnal its 2:38 am in Australia and its only the 1 st day of holidays my sleeping pattern already gone :( @PointlessBlogTv ❤❤❤****⭐******

6 years ago


Happy Holidays from sunny Australia!! :) #hatersgonnahate #beach #merrychristmas #santa #love #family #austr

6 years ago

Hanna McBryde

I wanna be back on this plane!! #Australia #America #holidays #tripofalifetime

6 years ago


@FinnHarries HIIII FINNN!! it's summer holidays down here in Australia... why don't jack & yourself come down soon! pleaseee xox

6 years ago

❀ jess ❀

i keep on thinking i have school tomorrow but no it's holidays bless australia

6 years ago

Chelsea [spazzy]

@McKaleyM you should move to Australia, I've been on holidays since November 30 and I don't go back unit January 29th :)

6 years ago

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