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Joy Reid

If YOUR credit score drops below 600 or you miss a loan payment you can't buy a used car or get a department store…

2 weeks ago


#WINNER 'WE' TEASER POSTER New EP Release ✅ 2019.05.15 #위너 #WE #WE_or_never #YG

2 weeks ago

Rhiannon Archer

RT @A_Silent_Child: To start - alexithymia - or difficulty recognizing and naming ones emotions - is common in autistic people. For me, it'…

2 weeks ago

Ronald S

RT @UROCKlive1: @realDonaldTrump @BreitbartNews He doesn't have much choice. And he doesn't have ANY decency or patriotism. HEY ALL, DON'T…

2 weeks ago

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