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Omar Vaid

Max Rose made a critical error in accepting NRA funds. It will hurt Democratic turnout in the General. Real change…

2 months ago

Tony Shaffer

LOL - there was no "error" - it was a deliberate attempt to slow-walk critical evidence of a real crime.

1 month ago

Kelli Stewart

RT @DrMJoyner: @VincentRK @Rfonsi1 if biotech so critical for innovation what has happened last 20 yrs

1 month ago


What separates an error from a lie? Intent? People need to be more critical readers and thinkers. Thank you.

1 month ago


SCP-504 - Critical Tomatoes (批判的なトマト) Object Class: Safe スライスされたSCP-504は正に手裏剣です ##SCP

1 month ago