How To Control Emotions tweets

Ryah Bernhardt

Some people know how to control their emotions. I do not. #oops

6 years ago

Yesenia Georgina

PSA... ladies if u learn how to control your emotions, they can't control you.

6 years ago

Must Love Affection

Touch me, and it's another story; everything else, how much am I gonna let you control my emotions; dictate my reaction to things?

6 years ago

adonica smith

- Learning how to control my emotions instead of letting them control me .

6 years ago

Shawna Saldana

You have to just push your negative emotions to the side sometime. Don't let how you feel Control you or what you know..#StayOptimistic

6 years ago

Ella Rose Towers

Must learn how to control my emotions when I'm tired. #sorrytweet

6 years ago

luke brooks∞

on february the 1st harry turns 18 then on march the 1st justin turns 19 how am i going to be able to control my emotions

6 years ago

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