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Dr. Guy Massry

Cancer of the eyelids and surrounding areas are not uncommon. Excision of the tumor is typically uncomplicated, rec…

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Nancy R. Curtis

RT @StephTaitWrites: In my case (and this isn’t uncommon in the #disability community either,) it really doesn’t help that my level of abil…

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RT @StateStreetETFs: Remember when the Fed lowered rates to help mend the ailing global economy during the #GreatRecession? Remember the r…

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Memoirs of Dumpster Diving Moxie

@pulte I know U gonna bless some people, & that makes me happy. Even if it’s not me. May U B guided divinely 2 help…

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@Dinstaardude @bodewhin @amys_the_wise1 @AielJanduin @ChildByar @Spider_marigan @ChildBornhald @TherinLewd…

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