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Dear @realDonaldTrump, I have an idea for how you can spend the $293,000 Stormy Daniels owes you: Donate it to o…

11 hours ago

#WOKEN, yet #BROKEN, Matt Hardy

It’s hard to describe how much I TREASURE every day I get to spend with my boys.

1 day ago

Avery Edison

It’s been asked before, but cannot be asked enough: HOW do you *lose money* running a theatre where you don’t pay p…

1 day ago

Lou Stejskal

@jdkess some might need to find the diners who have the reach/influence to help spread the word. people underestima…

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RT @r_adryvnv: If u love her, -Show it to her. -Tell her everyday how much u love her. -Spend ur time with her and gave her the attention…

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