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#Walls’ second day streams are just above 1.2 million! This is more than what it had been with DLIBYH and WMI. Good…

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[개학날 쥬리한테 먹을거 얻어먹을]샤디엘

@P97HUdsGeV86Irr 효모 그냥 새로 트친소를 해보는게 어때?

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RT @matterpreter: Want to make service removal really fun? Create a service with a unicode name. The service will run but won't show in sc.…

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[개학날 쥬리한테 먹을거 얻어먹을]샤디엘

원레이어로 그린거 치곤..괜찮네..

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medicine ◟̽◞̽

RT @LouisWTNews: Don’t request Walls yet! It seems the song still isn’t available on All Access, meaning the radio stations don’t have acce…

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