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Our Tampines Hub

Check out the new QUICKHIIT for men happening every Monday from 7.30-8.30pm at the Arena below! You can register at…

5 days ago

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Chris Hayes

Limited government = a low corporate tax rate and a sprawling archipelago of baby internment centers

3 days ago

Nancy Pelosi

BREAKING: While the Trump Administration is savagely separating children from their mothers, Republicans quietly un…

4 days ago

Rolling Stone India

Greek mythology, art history, mental health, social reform, and Biblical doom make frequent appearances in South Ko…

3 days ago

Sheldon Nez

RT @NBCNews: JUST IN: A spokesperson for the Dept. of Health and Human Services says the agency has received no new orders on how to handle…

2 days ago

Chris Kalanyan

RT @kelllicopter: me: is there a spirit in my house ouija board: *slides to yes* me: great your portion of the rent is 650 it’s due the fir…

2 days ago