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Jonathan T Gilliam

7 days ago I saw a video of @RepAOC on @Twitter using threatening language against conservatives. So I did an exper…

19 hours ago

Eliza Orlins

Capitol riot suspect Eric Munchel, dubbed "zip tie guy," to be released from jail pending trial. As a public def…

13 hours ago

Jake Maccoby

BIDEN: let’s work together to save American lives GOP: lol no BIDEN: ok I’ll do it without you GOP: what happened to uNiTy

18 hours ago

Nacho Prósper

RT @AuschwitzMuseum: 23 January 1943 | Colonel Jan Karcz (no. 23569) approached the camp manager of Auschwitz I Hans Aumeier. He asked to b…

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@sambrazy if it’s a raiders fan that dislikes him i don’t question it tho

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