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Karl-Friedrich Weber

zunächst wird die Gier nach hoher Rendite geweckt ... die Gier erzeugt den Bedarf ... die Erhöhung der Nutzungsrate…

1 month ago

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Matthew Miller

If you are a GOP Senator or staffer and you're about to start attacking Christine Ford, maybe stop first and think…

1 month ago

Donald J. Trump

Our Steel Industry is the talk of the World. It has been given new life, and is thriving. Billions of Dollars is be…

1 month ago


K-pop group BTS' #idolchallenge gains more than 80,000 videos on social media

1 month ago


@AppStore Group Facetime????

1 month ago

Jenna Lloyd

Another life was just lost in #Missouri. #POTUS, it's time to do something. #BackfireTrump

1 month ago